Friday, April 20, 2012

Gran Apache - AAA Luchador

Gran Apache - AAA Luchador

Gran Apache (aka El Apache) was born Mario Balbuena González on April 16th, 1959 in Mexico City, Mexico.
He was trained by Rafael Salamanca, Tony Lopez, Blue Demon and Los Cometas Azules I and II, and made his lucha libre debut on August 8th, 1975 in Toluca, Mexico State.
Gran has one of the largest wrestling families with his daughters Mari Apache and Faby Apache, his former wife Lady Apache and his son in law Billy Boy all wrestling.
So far during his long career, he has held the AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles (once with Fabi Apache and once with Mari Apache), the San Pedro Iztacalco Lightweight Title, the Arena Santa Marta Tag Team Titles (with Gran Apache II) and the Pavillón Azteca Tag Team Titles (also with Gran Apache II).
Besides wrestling in the ring, Gran is also considered one of the best trainers in Lucha Libre and also one of the first luchadors to train women.

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