Monday, February 12, 2007

La Secta Cibernetica

La Secta Cibernetica is a religious cult-like group, lead by Cibernetico, that was formed on November 12, 2005.

When Cibernetico was injured in summer 2006, Muerte Cibernetica seized control of the stable and renamed it Religion Secta Muerte Cibernetica. Most of the La Secta members went along with the leadership change, but Chessman disagreed and appeared to be building towards leaving the group. As of now, Chessman is still part of the group, and usually loyal to Muerte Cibernetica. Charly Manson did end up leaving the group, joining Vipers Revolution.

Current Members:

Muerte Cibernetica
El Cuervo

Former members:
Charly Manson

Mini unofficial members are:
Mini Cibernetico
Mini Chessman
Charly Manson
Mini Abismo Negro
Mini Ozz

Fantasma De La Quebrada is also an unofficial member in his local town of Acapulco.

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