Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Luchador - Huracán Ramírez

Huracán Hernandez had possibly one of the coolest of the Lucha Libre Masks, along with Fishman and Mil Mascaras

Huracán Hernandez was a fictitious character invented for the 1952 Mexican wrestling movie of the same name. In the film a young Mexican, whose father is a professional wrestler, decides to follow in his father's footsteps by adopting the secret identity of Huracán Ramírez, a masked luchador, and he fights in the ring in spite of his father's wishes to the contrary.

Although actor David Silva played the role of the young man in the film, the masked wrestler scenes were played by real-life luchador Eduardo Bonada. Following the film's release, Bonada continued to wrestle as Huracan Ramirez in the ring in real life until 1959, when he tired of the gig and was replaced by the film's producers by 43-year-old wrestler Daniel García.

García wrestled in the ring wearing the Huracán Ramírez costume for more than 30 years, and played the role in all of the movie sequels that followed (with the exception of "Huracan Ramirez Vs. The Terrorists"). Daniel García was a very close personal friend of El Santo, and when Santo died in 1984, Daniel Garcia was one of the Silver-Masked Man's pall bearers. Garcia died on November 1, 2006 at the age of 80.

A total of eight "Huracán Ramírez" movies were made in all, although the films tended to focus more on dramatic subplots and musical numbers, and never really gave the Huracán Ramírez character a lot to do in the films from a heroic standpoint. Eduardo Bonada played Huracan only in the first film, and Daniel Garcia played Huracan in the other films (with the exception of the last film made in 1989).

Hurricane Hernandez (1952) starring Eduardo Bonada as Huracan
The Mystery of Hurricane Hernandez (1962) introducing Daniel Garcia as Huracan
The Son of Hurricane Hernandez (1966)
The Revenge of Hurricane Hernandez (1967)
Hurricane Hernandez and the Black Nun (1973)
De Sangre Chicana (1974)
El Torito Puños de Oro (1979) Daniel Garcia's last film
Hurricane Hernandez Vs. the Terrorists (1989) (Note* - A different actor played Huracan in this later movie)

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