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El Hijo del Santo, part 2

The object of the jump was to revitalize his feud with Negro Casas. Santo lost a match to Casas at the CMLL 63rd Anniversary show in September, 1996 via disqualification and took a brief hiatus. While gone, Negro Casas turned técnico (face) and his former allies, Scorpio, Jr. and Bestia Salvaje said they had a surprise for Casas. In a shocking angle, the long time babyface Santo turned rudo (heel). The set-up was a trios match with Negro Casas, El Dandy and Héctor Garza on the face side against Felino, Scorpio, Jr. and Bestia Salvaje on the heel side. Felino was Casas' brother and when he came to the ring, he halted before entering and watched as his brother was attacked by Scorpio and Salvaje. The fans were expecting Felino to help his brother but Felino took off his cape and mask, revealing himself to be El Hijo del Santo in disguise.

The fans were irate and fist fights broke out in the crowd as Santo attacked Casas. The feud helped ease sagging business caused by the split with AAA and the downturn of the Mexican economy. The following week, the two trios had a rematch and both Dandy and Casas challenged Santo to a hair vs. mask match. The match was made a triangle match on December 6, 1996. Santo took El Dandy's hair in a bloody match in front of sold out crowd in Arena Mexico. The feud would continue until the 64th anniversary show in September 1997 where Casas and Santo faced off in a dramatic hair vs. mask match. Santo won the match and Santo began a slow face turn.

Although the angle was very successful and drew a lot of money for CMLL, Santo continued to wrestle as a babyface throughout the country, even teaming with Rey Mysterio in Tijuana. Santo began to be at odds with his heel allies, namely Scorpio, Jr. and Bestia Salvaje. Finally, in September 1998, the face turn was made official when Santo's partners, Villano III and Fuerza Guerrera turned on Santo. Scorpio, Jr. and Bestia Salvaje joined in on the beat down, leading Santo's next big feud.

Casas and Santo began teaming together and chased Scorpio and Salvaje's recently won CMLL Tag Team titles. Santo and Casas defeated Scorpio and Salvaje for the titles on February 5, 1999 by disqualification but Santo and Casas refused to accept the titles. The big match in the feud was a mask/hair vs. mask/hair tag match between the two teams. Santo and Casas were victorious and eventually took the tag titles as well. Santo would have a brief falling out with management and the tag titles were vacated. He returned and won the tag titles with Casas from Los Guerreros del Infierno (Último Guerrero and Rey Bucanero) but later lost them back to Los Guerreros in 2002. Santo took another sabbatical from CMLL with Perro Aguayo, Jr. filling in his spot on the roster. He returned to CMLL in the summer of 2004, initially to the rub to Místico and to feud with Perro Aguayo, Jr. and his La Furia del Norte group. After the feud ended, he had a program with young Guerreros recruit Averno and they had a WWA Welterweight title match on October 22 where Santo retained and ended his tour with the company. Other than teaming with Místico and Último Dragón for a few matches at the end of the year, Santo has continued wrestling as an independent. According to Santo, he caught the eye of WWE while doing a tour of Mexico, however he turned down a lucrative contract to stay independent.

Other than his work as a wrestler, he is the subject of a comic book, starred in three films, the most recent being Infraterrestere in 2003, and appeared on the Mexican reality show Día de Perros.

He was also the star of a 5 episode animated series on the Mexican version of Cartoon Network titled Santo Contra Los Clones (Santo Vs The Clones)
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