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Dr. Wagner Jr.

Dr Wagner Jr - lucha libre
Name Dr. Wagner Jr.
Nicknames El Galeno del Mal (The Evil Doctor) / El Galeno del Bien (After he became Tecnico)
Name history Dr. Wagner Jr. (debut - )
Family Dr. Wagner (father), Silver King (brother), Rossy Moreno (former wife), Leon Del Ring (nephew)
Trained by: Gran Markus, Dr. Wagner
Born: August 12, 1965 - Torreón, Coahuila
Pro Wrestling Debut: April 7, 1986 - Monterrey, Nuevo León
Height 5'10"/177 cms
Weight 216 lbs/98 kg
Signature wrestling moves: Wagner Driver (Michinoku Driver II), Death Valley Driver, Niagara Driver, Top-Rope Diamond Cutter, Flying Splash, Flying Senton, Tiger Driver, Running Lariat, Running Somersault Plancha (off the apron), Running Somersault Plancha (off the ramp)
Titles: Northern Mexico Heavyweight Title, UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title, CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title, CMLL World Trios Titles (3, with Gran Markus Jr. & El Hijo del Gladiador - La Ola Blanca, with Blue Panther & Black Warrior - Los Laguneros, with Fuerza Guerrera & Blue Panther), CMLL World Tag Team Titles (4, with Canek, with Silver King, with Emilio Charles Jr., with Último Guerrero), New Japan Pro Wrestling: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles (with Kendo Kashin), WWC Hardcore Title, UWA World Heavyweight Title

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Barron is a Mexican professional wrestler who has achieved fame in CMLL and worldwide as Dr. Wagner, Jr. He is the son of Dr. Wagner and brother of Silver King.

Dr. Wagner, Jr. first started wrestling for the Universal Wrestling Association in April 1986 at 20 years of age. The elder Wagner achieved his success in CMLL, and so would it be for the son who adopted his gimmick.

On the day that Dr. Wagner, Jr. was to make his in-ring debut as his father's tag-team partner, Wagner Sr. was involved in a car accident that killed his long-time partner Angel Blanco, leaving Wagner Sr. disabled and unable to continue his wrestling career. When he regained his mobility he took up a job as a taxi driver to earn a living, but continued to actively follow the career of his sons, including his in-ring namesake and a wrestler best known in the United States as Silver King. The two real-life brothers would actually team together to win the CMLL World Tag Team Titles in February 1997, although the titles were vacated six months later when Silver King left CMLL to join the growing lucha roster of World Championship Wrestling.

Wagner's star has continued to rise in Mexico ever since. He has won a variety of different titles for the CMLL promotion. Besides holding the CMLL World Light Heavyweight title he has also been a Trios championship at least four times, including with Gran Markus. Jr. & Hijo del Gladiador and also with Blue Panther & Black Warrior. He has also wrestled extensively in Japan, challenging (and ultimately being defeated by) Jushin Liger for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight belt and tagging with various partners such as his brother and Kendo Kashin, the latter of which he won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team championship with. He has also competed in the U.S. as recently as January 2006, teaming with Rey Bucanero in a losing effort against L.A. Park & Místico at an FMLL show in Chicago. He is most popular when competing in the famed Arena México though, where his charismatic style and popular gimmick cause fans to blow airhorns three times and chant "WAG-NER!" when he's in the ring. Given the fan reaction in Mexico and increasing awareness of the lucha libre style in the United States, his star will surely continue to rise.

In the 2007 Dr.Wagner Jr to be one of the polemics wrestlers in Mexico due to its constant mass media declarations diverse in where he expressed its anger with the CMLL not to program it in fights against Mistico, Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero or Hijo del Perro Aguayo.

In October 8 of the 2007 sport newspaper "Estadio" publish an interview with Dr.Wagner Jr in where the same one confirmed his departure of the CMLL, which untie surprise during several days and speculations on their future and were not up to one week later that the magazine "Super Luchas" publish another interview with the own Wagner in where this it confirmed his departure of the company and that as of that date was going to be an Free Agent but who was going to fulfill all the presentations that even tapeworm pending with the CMLL.

Dr.Wagner Jr also denied the rumors on his possible incorporation to the AAA (the other big lucha libre company in Mexico) and is speculated on that along with the their brother Silver King fought in shows of TNA that were carried out in the month of December in Mexico City and Monterrey.

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