Friday, April 13, 2007

Luchadore: Fray Tormenta

Fray Tormenta (born Sergio Gutierrez Benitez, 1945) is a Mexican priest who supported an orphanage for 23 years by taking up a career in Lucha Libre. While performing, he wore a mask with red and yellow colors. He is currently retired.
He never lost his mask.
The videogame characters King from Tekken, Tizoc from Fatal Fury and Greco from Chrono Cross were inspired by his story, as was the movie Nacho Libre .

Fray Tormenta has appeared in CMLL in recent years, acting as a padrino to debuting devout wrestlers Sagrado and Mistico. Due to Mistico's success, Tormenta is more often associated with him, and has appeared with him on CMLL's TV show. Fray Tormenta plays a big role in Sagrado's purported background; when Sagrado was unable to decide between wrestling and the priesthood, it was Tormenta who pointed him towards CMLL.

The 2006 US Movie, Nacho Libre, is loosely based on Tormenta's life. Both Fray and the main character of the movie are priests who also become luchadores, but the similarities appear to end there - the movie just uses the concept as a jumping off point to tell its own story.

There have been other movies on Fray Tormenta's life, including one from a film company in France.

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