Monday, February 19, 2007

El Terror Regio

This Monterrey-based AAA group formed in 2005 and consists of:

Name Antifaz/Antifaz del Norte (Mask of the North)
Nicknames El Rey del Aire (The King of Air)
Name history Hunter II (used it once, before his official debut), Antifaz/Antifaz del Norte (debut - ), Manuel Gomez (WWF)
Family Marco Tulio (father), Lila Cavazos (mother, Monterrey lucha promoter)
Trained by: Marco Tulio, Jesse Rojas "El Vasco"
Birth date July 7, 1971 - Monterrey, Nuevo León
Wrestling Debut July 4, 1993 - Arena Pesquería - Pesquería, Nuevo León
Height 5'7"/170 cms
Weight 194 lbs/88 kg
Signature moves Frog Splash, Huracarrana, Slingshot Corkscrew Bodypress, Flying Corkscrew Plancha, Corkscrew Plancha Suicida
Titles: NAWA Middleweight Wrestling Title [4] (also known as the LAWA Middleweight Title), WWA World Tag Team Wrestling Titles (with L.A. Park)

Corazon De Barrio
Family Chamaco Gurrola (father), Hator (brother), Monje Negro Jr. (brother)
Titles: FILL Welterweight Wrestling Title, FILL Middleweight Wrestling Title, LWF Intercontinental Wrestling Title

Real name Mario Gurrola
Name history Hator (1995 - current)
Family Chamaco Gurrola (father), Estrella Dorada Jr. (brother), Monje Negro Jr. (brother)
Birth date January 31, 1976 - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Wrestling Debut July 26, 1993
Titles: Mexican National Tag Wrestling Championship (w/the Panther), UWA World Light Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, LAWA Middleweight Title, FILL Middleweight Title, Nuevo Leon Welterweight Title, Mexican National Atomicos Championship (w/Los Regio Guapos (Tigre Universitario, Monje Negro Jr., el Potro Jr.)

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