Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Black Family

The Black Family is an AAA stable.
The main trios is:
Name Escoria
Nicknames Dark Scoria
Name history Escoria (2000 - current)
Family Lobo Del Aire (brother)
Trained by: Blackman, Negro Sosa, Draco
Birth date December 9, 1980 - Durango, Durango
Wrestling Debut: 1998.08.13
Signature moves El Pozo , Corkscrew Tope, Tornillo,Jumping leg drop
Titles: Mexican National Atomicos Wrestling Titles [2] (with Chessman, El Cuervo, Ozz)

Name El Cuervo
Real name Jaime Ignacio Tirado Correa
Nicknames Dark Cuervo
Name history El Cuervo (1996 - current), Heavy Dracula (1998)
Trained by: Dos Caras, Impala
Birth date January 4, 1974, Toluca, Mexico State
Wrestling Debut: February 28, 1996 - Arena Naucalpan
Titles: Mexican National Atomicos Wrestling Championship (2, w/Chessman, Ozz, Escoria)

Name Ozz
Real name Marcos Tinajero(?)
Name history Angel Del Misterio (1998/1999), Rey Dragon (1999), Path Finder (1999 - 2001), Ozz (2002 - current)
Trained by: Skayde
Birth date January 30, 1975
Height 6'0-6'1
Titles: Mexican National Atomicos Wrestling Championship (2, with Chessman, Escoria, el Cuervo)

Charly Manson and Chessman have been associated with the group at times.

The Black Family has often operated as a subgroup in larger stables; they've been part of LLL and are now members of La Secta.

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