Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Luchador Gato Eveready / Alan

Víctor Manuel Soto Flores was born on July 23, 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico.

This now masked wrestler has wrestled under several names during his career including Morfo, Billy Jean, (Spice Boy) Jimmy Boy, Alan and of course, Gato Eveready.

He was trained by luchador El Picudo and made his Lucha Libre debut in April, 1998 working for the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) wrestling promotion, under the ring name Morfo.

Later, his ring name was changed to "Jimmy Boy" and he teamed up with Billy and Vangelis to form Los Spice Boys, that was kinda like a "Boy Band" wrestling stable.
When Los Spice Boys broke up, they reformed into Los Barrio Boys with Jimmy Boy (now renamed Alan), Billy Boy and Decnis.
Alan and Decnis turned on Billy Boy in 2007 as part of the Billy Boy-Gran Apache-Faby Apache storyline.

Later in 2007, the Barrio Boys broke up, but were reformed by Alan as the Nuevo Barrio Boys in 2008 with Kevin (Los Warriors), Javi (Nemesis) and Ricky (the son of luchadora Vicky Carranza).

The new Barrio Boys never really caught on, and it's rumored that Javi went on to become a new character (sponsored by Eveready Battery?) called Gato Eveready.
We probably know the Energizer Bunny better, but for years the symbol was the "Cat With Nine Lives" symbol.
The colors of Gato Eveready are even the same colors as the old logo.

Javi left the character, and in 2008, Alan took over, wrestling as both Gato Eveready and sometimes Alan.

At one time, he held the Mexican National Atómicos Championship along with Oscar Sevilla, Billy Boy, Decnis.

Here is a video of Sexy Star, Billy Boy and Tigre Cota wrestling Faby Apache, Aerostar and Gato Eveready posted by LuchaLibreNation on YouTube...

For more info on Gato Eveready, you can check out

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