Friday, February 27, 2009

Teddy Hart

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Theodore Annis was born 0n February 2, 1980, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
A third generation member of the Hart wrestling family, he is better known in the wrestling ring as Teddy Hart.
His wrestling pedigree is amazing, not only was he born into the Hart family, but he was trained by Ross Hart, Bruce Hart, Leo Burke and Dory Funk Jr.
Teddy was the youngest wrestler ever signed by the WWE.
He made his Lucha Libre debut on November 30, 2007, wrestling for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA).
Teddy is a member of Konnan's heel stable La Legión Extranjera (the Foreign Legion) .
He regularly tag-teams with Jack Evans as The Hart Foundation 2.0.
Part of his heel gimmick is that he can't speak Spanish, so during his shoot promos, AAA captions his dialogue in Spanish.

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