Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Villano IV

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Wrestlers Name Villano IV (Villano Cuarto)
Nicknames La Pantera Rosa (The Pink Panther)
Name history Leopardo Negro [II] (debut - 83), Villano IV (83 - ), Ray Mendoza Jr. (WCW, 1996), Tony Peña (WCW, 1996)
Family Ray Mendoza (father), Villanos I, II, III, V (brothers), La Infernal (sister-in-law)
Trained by: Ray Mendoza, Villano I
Birth date December 19, 1969 in Tijuana, Mexico
Pro Wrestling Debut 1979 - Arena Naucalpan - Naucalpan, Mexico State
Height 5'8"/172 cms
Weight 209 lbs/95 kg
Signature Wrestling moves Hucararrana, Diamond Cutter, DDT, Senton, Octopus Hold
Titles: Yucatán Welterweight Title, Yucatán Middleweight Title, Naucalpan Welterweight Title, Naucalpan Middleweight Title, WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title, Universal/FULL UWF Super Middleweight Title, UWA World Trios Titles (4, with Villanos I & V), National Atomicos Titles (with Pierroth Jr. & Villanos III & V), AAA Americas Trios Titles (with Villanos III & V), UWA World Tag Team Titles (with Villano V), WWA World Tag Team Titles (with Villano V), IWRG Trios Titles (with Villanos III & V), IWRG Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, Arena Aztahuacan Tag Team Titles (with Villano V)

Villano IV is a Mexican professional wrestler. Within the stable Los Villanos, he wrestled for Universal Wrestling Association, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, and World Championship Wrestling. While more popular in the south, he frequently performed as a jobber in WCW, usually appearing on shows like WCW Saturday Night.

He played the role of a heel and would occasionally tag team with a fellow Villano, with whom he could cheat by switching places while the referee was distracted (all Villanos wore identical attire, aside from their Roman numeral distinctions). However, while working for WCW, Villano IV was severely injured by a botched move, by Kanyon and Raven, that would become known as the "Villano breaker."

The other sons of Ray Mendoza who have used the name "Villano" include Villano I, Villano II, Villano III (Arturo Díaz Mendoza), and Villano V.

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