Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mil Mascaras Films

Mil Mascaras has made 17 movies and actually has one now in production called "Wrestling Women vs. the Brainiac"
You can see a trailer of it here:
Now this is just a college film, but I wonder what kinda strings he had to pull to get Mil in it? And it is Mil, his movements are unmistakable.

Mil's first movie was Los Canallas back in 1966 ( Batman!)
His next movie was Mil Máscaras in 1969. It was followed by Las Vampiras released the same year, as was Enigma de muerte. Enigma co-stared the legendary John Carradine as a mad scientist.

Then came Los Campeones Justicieros, with Mil, Blue Demon,La Sombra Vengadora,Tinieblas and El Médico Asesino! Kind of a Super Friends of Lucha Libre.

Las Momias de Guanajuato was released in 1972 and starred Mil, Blue Demon and SANTO! Okay, Santo is kind of a last minute addition, but he does show up.

El Robo de las momias de Guanajuato was also released in 1972, as was Vuelven los campeones justicieros another Lucha Super Friend movie with Mil, Blue Demon,El Rayo de Jalisco,El Fantasma Blanco and El Avispon Escarlata.

Una Rosa sobre el ring and Las Bestias del terror came out in 1973.

Leyendas macabras de la colonia was released in 1974 as was Los Vampiros de Coyoacán ( in which Mascaras and Superzan wrestle a mob of vampire dwarves!)

Las Momias de San Ángel and El Poder negro were both released in 1975.

Misterio en las Bermudas.1977 starred Santo, Mil and the Blue Demon. The infamous " Unmasking at the border crossing" happened when filming this movie. The idea of three luchadores riding across country with their masks on still trips me out! The story goes that they were stopped at the border and the guard asked them to unmask. Mil and Demon did it, but Santo refused until Mil and Demon averted their eyes and only the guard saw Santo's true face.
The man was hardcore!

El Hijo de Santo en frontera sin ley was released in 1983, and La Verdad de la lucha was released in 1990.

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Alice Bag said...


I am working on an blog entry of my own about Lucha Libre and I would like to ask you if I could use the jpg of Las Momias de Guanajuato, with a link to your blog and a credit. You have amazing taste in movies, by the way!

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