Monday, March 26, 2007

Chessman - Triple AAA Lucha Libre

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Wrestler name(s) M-357/Armas Mortales M-357,Chessman, Quinto Elemento, Magnum, El Asesino de la Luz Roja (The Red Light Assassin), Dark Chessman
Height 6'0"/183 cms
Weight 231 lbs/105 kg
Born :June 2, 1975 - Villa Nicolás Romero, Mexico State
Resides Mexico City
Trained by Super Taka,Canek, Pepe Casas
Pro Wrestling Debut: July 3, 1996, Arena López Mateos - Tlalnepantla, Mexico State
Signature moves 450 Splash, Powerbomb, making every AAA tecnico look good
Titles: National Tag Team Wrestling Titles (with Electro Shock), National Atomicos Wrestling Titles (with Ozz, Escoria & Cuervo), AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles (with Tiffany)

Chessman is a professional wrestler and member of Los Hell brothers. He is currently signed with AAA.

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