Friday, April 11, 2008

Luchadore: Alan

Wrestlers Name: Alan
Real name: Víctor Manuel Soto Flores
Name history: Morfo (debut - 09/99), Billy Jean (10/99 - 99), (Spice Boy) Jimmy Boy (1999 - 2000), Alan (2001 - current)
Trained by: El Picudo
Born: July 23, 1975 in Mexico City
Pro Wrestling Debut April 1998
Height 174cms
Weight 79kgs
Signature wrestling moves: Running Twisting Moonsault Plancha
Wrestling Titles: Mexican National Atomicos Championship with Oscar Sevilla, Billy Boy, Decnis.

Alan has had a number of different gimmicks marketed to women, but he's best known as one-third of the Barrio Boys. The group was a constant on AAA's undercards for many years, often fighting the Black Family.

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