Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wolf Rubinsky - Latvian Luchador

Wolf Rubinsky, Wolf Ruvinskis, lucha libre mexicana, luchador
Wolf Rubinsky (also known as Wolf Ruvinskis) was born on October 30th, 1921 in Riga, Latvia, a pretty good distance from Mexico. Wolf was an actor and luchador. He was married to Beatriz Perez, the dancer Armida Herrera and to actress Lilia Michel.

Born to Jewish parents, they relocated to Argentina during World War II.
In spite of living in extreme poverty he excelled in sports and as a professional wrestler he toured South America, the United States and Mexico.
This last country became his place of residence where he stayed in the ring well into the 1960s, wrestling El Santo, Black Shadow, El Médico Asesino and Lobo Negro.
As a wrestler he was introduced to Mexican film playing luchadores, in particular the masked Neutrón a character he created.
Neutron appeared in five films.
One of his most memorable roles was in La bestia magnífica ("The Magnificent Beast") in 1953.
He also appeared in well over 100 films during his career.
Wolf was so good that he won the Ariel Award from the Mexican Academy of Film for Best supporting actor in the film Juego limpio (1996).
And he also appeared on the American TV show, I Spy (with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby) in the episode "Shana" as Andreyev.

Neutrón el Enmascarado Negro

You can watch Neutrón el Enmascarado Negro (1960) in in entirety on YouTube here:

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