Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lucha Libre Legend, Santo, part 2

In the early 1940s, Guzmán married María de los Ángeles Rodríguez Montaño (Maruca), a union that would produce 10 children; their names were Alejandro, María de los Ángeles, Héctor Rodolfo, Blanca Lilia, Víctor Manuel, Miguel Ángel, Silvia Yolanda, María de Lourdes, Mercedes, and the youngest child Jorge, who also became a famous wrestler in his own right, El Hijo del Santo (Son of Santo). One of his grandsons (not a son of Jorge) wrestled under the name El Nieto Del Santo (Grandson of Santo), but after Son of Santo took legal action against him using the name Santo, he changed it to Axxel, but people still refer to him as Nieto del Santo.

In 1942, Rodolfo's manager, Don Jesús Lomelí, was putting together a new team of wrestlers, all dressed in silver, and wanted Rodolfo to be a part of it. He suggested three names, El Santo (The Saint), El Diablo (The Devil), or El Angel (The Angel), and Rodolfo chose the first one. On the 26th of June at the age of 25, he wrestled at the Arena Mexico for the first time as El Santo. Under this new name he quickly found his style, and his agility and versatility made him very popular.

One of Santo's greatest matches was in 1952, when he fought a tag-team known as Los Hermanos Shadow (which consisted of famed luchadors Blue Demon and the Black Shadow). Santo beat and unmasked The Black Shadow in the ring, which triggered Blue Demon's decision to become a técnico, as well as a legendary feud between The Blue Demon and Santo that culminated in Blue's beating Santo in a well-publicized series of matches in 1952 and again in 1953. Their rivalry never really ended in later years, although they appeared together in a number of action/adventure films, since Santo always remembered his defeat at the Blue Demon's hands.

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