Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Luchadore: Crazy Boy

Name Crazy Boy
Nicknames El loco de Tulancingo, Extremo y de moda
Name history Crazzy Boy, Crazy Boy
Family Rey Cuervo, Super Crazy (cousins)
Trained by: Rey Cuervo, Super Crazy, Sabu, Masato Tanaka
Birth date March 30, 1978 - Tulancingo, Hidalgo
Pro Wrestling Debut 1996

Signature wrestling moves: Spanish Fly, Moonsault, Diamond Dust, Lung Blower, every other move he sees on U.S. indy tapes
Titles: XLAW Junior Heavyweight Title (3), NWG Extreme Championship, Mexican National Atomicos Championship (with Psicosis II, Joe Lider and Juventud Guerrera)

Crazy Boy (born March 30, 1978) is a Mexican pro wrestler who is best known in Lucha Libre. He currently works for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración in Mexico. Crazy Boy is the first cousin of Super Crazy.

Crazy Boy is an AAA midcard tecnico and a member of the Mexicanpowers. He's a recent addition to AAA, having spent some time in the CMLL undercards. He's most known for his indy work in hardcore/extreme Mexican promotions. Crazy Boy's style is very much inspired by US and Japanese indy/hardcore wrestling. He can do spectacular spots, but can also screw up spectacular spots and doesn't seem like the safest guy to work with. He's a spot machine and not a story teller, but his work got him over in front of the indy promotions he worked with and propelled into a like minded team in AAA.

Crazy Boy's stint in CMLL ended in a messy way, with Crazy pulling himself out from an Arena Mexico show (which would've been his first CMLL one there), claiming an injury from a just completed Japanese tour, only to show up as surprise in AAA a few days later

Along with Juventud Guerrera, Joe Lider and AAA's version of psicosis he won AAA's Campeonato Atomico (4 man tag team champioship)

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