Sunday, February 4, 2007

Los Perros del Mal

Los Perros del Mal is a Lucha Libre stable based in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in Mexico. The name (meaning "The Bad Dogs") is play on the name of the founder of the group, Perro Aguayo, Jr.. It is one of the two main rudo (heel) stables in CMLL.

Current members:
Perro Aguayo, Jr.
Héctor Garza
El Terrible
Mr. Águila
Damián 666

The group has a bit of outsider makeup: Perro, Hector, and Aguila all jumped (seperately) from AAA (as did Shocker before his short stint with this group), and Damian 666 and Halloween are considered as outsiders from Tijuana.

Past Members:
Blue Demon, Jr.
Pierroth, Jr.
Tarzan Boy
Latin Lover (appeared as a member at Arena Mexico with Garza and Perro Jr. He wore the Perros del Mal shirt, and though it was only an appearance, was considered a member of the stable.)

Perros del Mal has had rivalries with Los Hermanos Dinamita, Guerreros del Infierno and Mistico.

Despite being rudos, the group has a strong fan following and their t-shirts were popular for quite a while.

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