Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Mexipowers - Lucha Libre

The Mexipowers are:

Juventud Guerrera (leader)
Name Juventud Guerrera
Real name Eduardo Aníbal González Hernández
Nicknames The Juice, Juvi Juice
Name history El Hijo de Fuerza Guerrera (debut - ??), Fuerza Gimm (03/92 - 06/92), Juventud Guerrera (06/92 - )
Family Fuerza Guerrera (father), Furia Guerrera (cousin)
Trained by: Fuerza Guerrera, Pepe Casas, Cacique Mara
Birth date November 23, 1974 - Mexico City
Pro wrestling debut March 13, 1992 - Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo
Lost mask to Chris Jericho - February 22, 1998
Height 5'8"/172 cms
Weight 176 lbs/80 kg
Signature moves Juvi Driver, 450 Splash
Wrestling Titles: National Tag Team Wrestling Titles (3, with Fuerza Guerrera), WWA World Lightweight Wrestling Title (2), IWAS Tag Team Wrestling Titles (2) (with Jerry Estrada) & (with Psicosis), WWA World Tag Team Wrestling Titles (with Fuerza Guerrera), WWA World Trios Wrestling Titles (with Fuerza Guerrera & Psicosis), WCW/WWE World Cruiserweight Wrestling Title (4), , Mexican National Atomicos Championship (w/Psicosis II, Joe Lider and Crazy Boy), New Japan: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Wrestling Title, WCW World Tag Team Wrestling Titles (with Rey Misterio Jr.), Puerto Rico: IWA Light Heavyweight Wrestling Title, US: BTW US Light Heavyweight Wrestling Title, WWA/WWAS Cruiserweight Wrestling Title, XWF Cruiserweight Wrestling Title, XLAW Junior Heavyweight Wrestling Title, WWC World Junior Heavyweight Wrestling Title

Psicosis II
Name Psicosis II/Psicosis AAA
Name history Leon Negro (1994 - 1997), Psicosis (1997 - current)
Family Estrellita(former wife)
Trained by: El Puma
Birth date February 22, 1967
Height 1.75 metros
Weight 85 Kilos
Signature moves Tope suicida (over the top)
Wrestling Titles: Mexican National Middleweight Championship, Mexican National Atomicos Championship (5, 4 with Histeria II, Mosco de la Merced II, Maniaco, with Crazy Boy, Joe Lider and Juventud Guerrera)

Crazy Boy
Name Crazy Boy
Nicknames El loco de Tulancingo, Extremo y de moda
Name history Crazzy Boy, Crazy Boy
Family Rey Cuervo, Super Crazy (cousins)
Trained by: Rey Cuervo, Super Crazy, Sabu, Masato Tanaka
Birth date March 30, 1978 - Tulancingo, Hidalgo
Pro wrestling debut 1996
Lost mask to
Signature moves Spanish Fly, Moonsault, Diamond Dust, Lung Blower, every other move he sees on U.S. indy tapes
Wrestling Titles: XLAW Junior Heavyweight Wrestling Title (3), NWG Extreme Championship, Mexican National Atomicos Championship (with Psicosis II, Joe Lider and Juventud Guerrera)

Joe Lider
Name Joe Lider
Real name Jose de Jesus Alvarez
Name history Blue Fash, Power Boy, Joe Lider
Trained by: Aullido, Javier Mariscal
Birth date June 2, 1978, Guadalajara, Jalisco
Pro wrestling debut December 8, 1993 - Arena Oblatos
Height 5' 9"175 cm
Weight 179/81 kg
Signature moves Spanish Fly, Lider Storm
Wrestling Titles: X-LAW Junior Heavyweight Extreme Wrestling Title (4), NWG Extreme Wrestling Title (3), Tonala Absolute Wrestling Title, Jalisco Middleweight Wrestling Title, Jalisco Heavyweight Wrestling Title, Mexican National Atomicos Championship (with Psicosis II, Crazy Boy and Juventud Guerrera)

Juvi had an ill-fated run in WWE in 2005 as part of the Mexicools, a trio with Super Crazy and the original Psicosis. When he was turfed from WWE (Juvi being Juvi), he eventually got back in to AAA, and formed the Mexipowers, a knockoff group. The initial team was Juvi, AAA's Psicosis II, and Crazy Boy, acting as his cousin's replacement. Joe Lider, long time indy associate of Crazy Boy, was later brought in to round out the team.

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