Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Luchador-Billy Boy

Billy Boy - lucha libre mexicana
José Roberto Islas García was born on June 9, 1977, in Tetitlan, Guerrero, Mexico.
He is better known in lucha libre as Billy Boy, a wrestler for the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración wrestling promotion.
Billy was trained by luchadors Gran Apache and Skayde.
He made his pro wrestling debut in july of 1997.
Billy is married to the beautiful luchadora Faby Apache, is the son-in-law of Gran Apache, the brother-in-law of Mari Apache and the father of Marvin the baby.
Besides Billy Boy, he has wrestled as Fighterman, Luigi Boy, Billy and the masked Alfa.

During the Summer of 2009, Billy, Hijo del Tirantes and Mesias (Ricky Banderas) were arrested for allegedly beating up a fan after a show.
Mesias (who you may know from TNA and the ill-fated Wrestling Society X) said he was just trying to calm Billy and Hijo del Tirantes down.
Billy and Hijo del Tirantes were both suspended for two weeks after the incident.

Billy has held the Mexican National Atomicos Championship twice with Oscar Sevilla, Alan and Decnis.

For more info on Billy Boy, check out http://www.luchalibreaaa.com/

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