Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Pandilla Guerrera - Lucha Libre

The Pandilla Guerrera - Lucha Libre

The Pandilla Guerrera is a group of an rudos associated with Guerreros del Infierno. As opposed to GdI, this is a group of (acknowledged) undercarders, with the idea of banding together and working with the GdI to move up the card. When putting together this group, Ultimo Guerrero explained all members would have to keep up with the hard training of the GdI.

Different member lists have been given at different times. Wrestlers who include in the group at some point include:

Sangre Azteca
Loco Max
Dr. X
Koreano was no longer acknowledged as a member when he switched to the Apocalipsis gimmick. Hooligan and Ramstein's names are not always listed as part of the group, and Arkangel isn't always associated with them. Averno & Mephisto are not part of the group or GdI; they've maintained a separate identity despite teaming with both groups often.

The biggest success for the group so far was Sangre Azteca, Dr. X and Nitro winning the Mexican National Trios Championship.

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