Friday, January 19, 2007

Lucha Libre: Los Junior Atomicos

I wonder if he made all the Los Junior Atomicos drink that stuff?

Started in 1996 by Antonio Pena for his AAA promotion, Los Junior Atomicos were a four-man group comprised of

Blue Demon Jr.
Halcon Dorado Jr.
Mascara Sagrada Jr.
Tinieblas Jr.

The Juniors had a long feud with Karis La Momia and Los Payasos ending in a cage match where the loser would have to unmask.
Halcon Dorado Jr. lost and turned on his partners afterwards, blaming them for the loss.
The Juniors were largely forgotten about until 1998 when Pena reformed the group with new members:

La Parka Jr.
Mascara Sagrada Jr.
Perro Aguayo Jr.
Sicodelico Jr.

Blue Demon Jr. would eventually rejoined his old partners when Sicodelico Jr. left AAA

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